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VOIP:  Overview & Benefits

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology is what the next generation of phone systems for business are
based on, and eliminates many usability and cost headaches experienced by traditional phone
system owners. VoIP solutions can also scale much more economically to meet your needs than
traditional phone systems.

VoIP solutions are inexpensive to implement, simple to control and customize, and offer your staff
unparalleled productivity gains with features like unified communications; where all forms of
communication such as email, faxes and voicemails are managed in one central location, and can
be securely accessed from any web browser anywhere in the world.

Features that improve your staff’s efficiency and productivity while reducing costs include:

  • Unlimited “lines”. You cannot max out the system with too many inbound or outbound calls.
  • Unified communications, allowing all communications to be managed from one central location.
  • Voicemail to email, where all voicemail messages are sent to the recipient’s email account,
    allowing more flexibility in message handling and forwarding.
  • Find Me, Follow Me, providing selected staff maximum presence and availability, where calls
    follow them from their desk phone to their cell phone to their home office or any other phone
    number of their choosing. Or, simply take your phone with you… anywhere and it just works.
  • Call recording, allowing the ability to forward conversations to parties that were not present
    during the initial conversation.
  • Microsoft Office / Outlook Integration with on screen caller ID.
  • Built in disaster recovery- because your system is hosted online, you’re protected.
  • Portability- Your extension is your extension whether the phone is physically sits on your desk, in your kitchen, or with you on vacation.
  • Flexibility- Phones can be programmed / updated via the Internet. No costly repair visits.

In addition to these benefits, if your organization operates multiple locations or has remote offices
or teleworkers, VoIP solutions allow you to create a seamless virtual campus, where all calls dialed
to a central number may be routed to disparate locations around the world simply by dialing an
extension. In addition, multiple sites can be dialed within the VoIP network for free by dialing the
appropriate extension, substantially saving you on internal Telco costs.

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